Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NMMC gets State sanction for all JNNRUM Projects-Final Approval From Centre expected in a month’s time.

And Christmas brought some very good news from NMMC. The Commissioner informed the standing committee members that he has the state have given its formal approval to all the projects that NMMC presented for funds under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Now the corporation is expecting the center’s approval for the same in a month’s time.
The highlight of this week’s Standing Committee meet was the latest update from the projects being submitted under the JNNURM. The Commissioner Vijay Nahata informed the members that the 5 pending projects of NMMC were given the go-ahead by the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan in a recent meeting at Nagpur. The meeting was urgently called prior to the Chief Minister meeting the central government officials on December 28. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata gave an insight to the Standing Committee members about the various projects that they will undertake with the JNNURM funds in Navi Mumbai. Speaking to the media later, he informed that the proposals include construction of underground storm water drain for Rs. 430 Cr, another for making three new STPs in CBD, KK and Sanpada and concretization and beautification of open nallahs for Rs. 437 Cr.
Another project that has been approved by the state government to be sent to the center for JNNURM funds include 5 flyovers on Palm Beach for Rs. 458 Cr. The NMMC has also drafted one project for total computerization of NMMC systems.
The projects also include one on solid waste management. The state government has approved the projects that will help NMMC get funds amounting to nearly Rs. 1400 Crore. In this 35% will be given by the center, 15% by the state and the rest will managed by NMMC. For its share, NMMC has applied for loans from MMRDA. The Commissioner voiced confidence in the Standing Committee of getting the center’s final approval to their projects in a months’ time and completing the projects in a period of two years. NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik congratulated Commissioner Vijay Nahata for getting the state’s sanction for all the proposed projects under the JNNURM.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik Demands New Look for Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium

The NMMC Standing Committee also demanded change in colors of seats in Vishnudas Bhave auditorium and different colors seats for VIP rows and approved the tender bid of Rs 24.13 lakhs of Ashirwad Construction for repairs and painting of Vishnudas Bhave auditorium.
J D Sutar demanded the special color seats to identify VIP seats. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik instructed the administration to change the color of all seats and give a different color to the VIP rows so that the auditorium wears a differently new look from what CIDCO had given. Sandeep Naik also called upon the administration to expedite the taking over of the plot adjoining the auditorium, to facilitate parking of vehicles. Deputy Municipal Commissioner Jagganth Sinnarkar assured to give the auditorium the new look demanded and reserve the first two rows as VIP rows with different color seats.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Competence and Team Spirit Display Marks Day 1 of Navi Mumbai Krida Mahotsav 2009.

January 21, 2009
The first day of the Navi Mumbai Krida Mahotsav saw enthusiasm and enrgy reverberating at the NMSA grounds where many of the matches of the Mahotsav is being held. Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul has organized the Navi Mumbai Krida Mahotsav 2009 at the NMSA grounds. Getting into its first day, this sports contest explored healthy avenues to release the youth’s capacities, develop their physical abilities, build self-confidence, will-power and goal setting competencies and instill in the young minds a vision that will enable them to become self-motivated agents of social change to serve the healthy interests of all beyond national boundaries. Former Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik who is also the President of Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul spoke told people about the emphasis and aim of this Mahotsav. On the first day of the event, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik was present to encourage and cheer the students. Present along with was senior journalist Anil Thattey and Sandeep Vengurlekar - (Vice President, Corporate Affairs) - Birla Group of Industries. Teams of boys and girls under the age group of 12 yrs, 14 yrs, 16 yrs came together to show their talent in sports like kabaddi and kho-kho. Through this Mahotsav, the students endeavored to be enthusiastic and happy, nurturing the values of fair play, sharing, tolerance, appreciation, encouragement and fostering love for one another.

NMMC Approves starting of NMMT bus for students

25 Jan 2009,

The NMMC General Body unanimously approved the starting of NMMT bus services exclusively for school students in the NMMT jurisdiction area. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata has announced that a welfare officer would be appointed for employees' welfare in NMMT.Presently students can avail at 50% concession bus pass on NMMT routes. During the deliberations, one of the member quested about the caretaking, scheduling of the buses etc. The proposed bus service for school students will be started as per demand of students and parents within NMMC area and upto 20 kms beyond NMMC jurisdiction, subject to a minimum of 60 students from schools on each route. Each student will be charged Rs 100 in addition to the bus far for the independent bus service for students only. Another report coming in from NMMC is that, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik has called upon the administration to submit a status report of the social amenity proposals made by corporators. Sandeep Naik remarked that in wards whose corporators were aggressive and capable of making much noise, two markets, community centres, two or more public toilets and schools were provided. in the other wards none were provided, Naik alleged. He also called upon the corporators to initiate and follow-up the progress of al required social amenities in their respective wards. He was responding to a debate in the Standing Committee meet, before unanimously approving the tender bid of City Build for undertaking minor repairs and improvements to the community centre in sec 9 Nerul at a cost of Rs 18.54 lakhs.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nmmc Standing Committee approves Rs.70 Crores Ultra-Modern Stp Plant in Vashi

Jan 18,2009
A bid of H.N. Bhat & co. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. to replace the 34 MCD capacity STP plant in Sector-18, Vashi with a technically advanced 100 MCD capacity plant was approved at the NMMC Standing Committee meet this week. Corporator Sandeep Naik delved into the significance of the project in wake of the impending water crisis all over the globe. Here is a report.
NMMC Standing Committee approved the bid of H.N. Bhat & co. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. To replace the 34 MCD capacity STP plant in Sector-18, Vashi with a technically advanced 100 MCD capacity plant at a cost of Rs. 69.93366 crores. The old plant is located on 38,000 Sq.mts area, while the new plant will require only 28,000 Sq.mts and the treated waters BOD will be below 5 enabling its use for garden, industry and other commercial purposes, at 1/3rd the commercial rate.
Sandeep Naik delved on the significance of the project in the wake of the impending water crisis all over the globe, which will ensure that Navi Mumbai would be self sufficient even after 10 yrs. Of rapid development in the region. He demanded to ozonise the water and ensures its use for garden and industry. He querried about the monitoring to ensure BOD levels below 5, which remained unanswered.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sandeep Naik Inaugurate Road at Mukesh Gaikwad ward

12 Jan 2009,
The newly constructed road and public toilet at ward no. 4 in Airoli was inaugurated recently at the hands of Mayor Anjani and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik.
The inaguration ceremony of the newly constructed road and public toilet at ward no. 4 of Airoli was held recently. The local corporator of the ward, Mukesh Gaekwad welcomed Mayor Anjani Bhoir and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik on the occasion. The chief guests inaugurated the road which is named as Sant Nirankar. We spoke with Mayor Anjani Bhoir and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik on the occasion. We also spoke with the corporator of the ward.

Monday, January 5, 2009

NMTV Personalities of the year are NMMC SCC Sandeep Naik and commissioner Vijay Nahata

January 3, 2009,
As we enter 2009, it's time to look back at those people who played a crucial role to shape our lives. While there are many, NMTV chose two personalities who showed promise and excellence in their respective fields. NMTV Personality of the Year is a way to honor them for the efforts they have put in for bringing about a difference to the daily lives of the common man through their offices in style that has not been done before. For the – Politics the award is given to dynamic favouraite of Navi mumbaikars-Sandeep Naik .

He is young, he is suave, he is tech-savvy and he defies the belief that politicians are a gang of good-for-nothings. Exposed to the world of politics at a young age, the younger son of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik comes from that breed of educated, young politicians that the nation craves for today. His dynamicity as a leader came to the forefront only after he took over as the Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC. His personal debonair soon started reflecting in the Standing Committee meets. Every meet discussed every issue that revolves around the lives of commoners in Navi Mumbai. Conducted with utmost discipline, healthy debates, progressive discussions and concrete decisions have redefined the standing committee meets.

To his credit Sandeep Naik is the first Chairman who took on the challenge of executing the first ever NMMC budget that crossed Rs 1000 Crores. And unlike past chairmen and most corporators in NMMC, Sandeep Naik ensures that he adds people’s touch to every administrative proposal. According to the Media, this is the first time in the history of NMMC that a Standing Committee Chairman had displayed focused, studied and enthusiastic adventurism in providing for amenities for the citizens in Navi Mumbai like Sandeep Naik. None of Sandeep Naik’s predecessors in office have cared to and dared to pin accountability on the heads of departments. Unlike past chairmen, he does not point past failures but stresses on immediate performance. Sandeep Naik and his team in the standing committee have dared to dream and spell out dream projects that has raised hopes of citizens for a truly world class city with best of amenities for the common man. For trying to bring about a heartening change in the age-old civic system and not just promising but working on realizing the promise to make Navi Mumbai a city with the best of the amenities.

NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata got the NMTV Personality of the Year award -Bureaucracy .