Friday, April 23, 2010

Shivjayanti Celebrated In The City

The city celebrated Shivjayanthi. We bring to you a special report on the day. Shiv Jayanti is the day when the birthday of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is celebrated on a grand scale in Maharashtra. Shivaji was born at the Shivneri fort in Pune on February 19th, 1630. As known Shivaji was a great leader and the creator of the Maratha nation. On this day processions are held. Many take part in the procession where they put up small skit, which they keep on performing all the way in the procession. Various programs are arranged on this day. On the occasion of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti the Mayor of Navi Mumbai Anjani Bhoir, Member of Parliament Dr Sanjeev Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik honoured the Maratha Warrior with a garland of flowers in Vashi. The dignitaries gathered to honour the Marathi warrior at Shivaji Chowk where the musicians musical background score gave those present a feel of being in Maharashtra. Children from Gyan Vikas school Koperkhairne came dressed up in costumes of Shivaji.

Reduce Royalty On Stone Quarrying, Sand Mining’ – Mla Sandeep Naik Raises Issue In State Assembly

The state government’s decision to increase royalty on sand mining to generate revenue received flak from legislators across party lines in the state assembly session. It was also the first calling attention motion for MLA Sandeep Naik who strongly protested the increase in royalty of sand mining.

Legislators in the state Assembly demanded that the Revenue department should rethink its decision to double the royalty on sand mining and quarrying because it had a cascading effect on common people, workers and the construction and mining industry. It was also the first calling in motion for NCP MLA Sandeep Naik who strongly protested the increase in royalty on sand mining. MLA Sandeep Naik informed about this increase. MLA Sandeep Naik informed that Revenue Minister Narayan Rane had given them the assurance that they will think on the increase. He said that their demand would benefit the sand mining owners and workers.

The state had increased royalty on mining from Rs 100 to Rs 200 per brass in February. Several mining associations in Thane, Vasai and Bhiwandi shut down all activity in protest. The construction industry has also complained that higher royalty will lead to increase in costs. Since Navi Mumbai has many sand mining and quarry activities, MLA Sandep Naik’s calling attention motion has been welcomed by the workers of the construction and mining industry In Navi Mumbai who would be the most affected by this decision.

Is Mla Sandeep Naik's Progressive Work As Standing Committee Chairman The Secret Behind Ncp Sailing Towards Victory In Nmmc Elections?

If the NCP has been registering victory after victory in elections, it is because the party has convinced Navi Mumbaikars that the party is capable of performing and doing progressive work in Navi Mumbai. And a closer look reveals that the three tenures of MLA Sandeep Naik as Standing Committee Chairman has played a crucial role in making an impressive report card of the NCP party in the last five years. So MLA Sandeep Naik's progressive work as Standing Committee Chairman the secret behind NCP sailing towards victory in NMMC Elections? We try to find out the answer with this report?

Morbe Dam Source of Sufficient Water Supply

Navi Mumbai¡¦s pride and neighboring city Mumbai and Thane¡¦s envy ¡V the Morbe Dam a project that saw the light of the day during MLA Sandeep Naik¡¦s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman. Morbe Dam is Navi Mumbai's permanent source of sufficient water supply.

Kalamboli Digha Pipline Work

The Kalamboli Digha Pipeline work ¡V the largest pipeline work done in NMMC is history undertaken to supply water from Morbe Dam to city homes. The project overcame all obstacles and odds and was completed during MLA Sandeep Naik is tenure as Standing Committee Chairman.
Scientific Traeatment of Sewerage

NMMC became the first municipal corporation in India to make hi-tech environment friendly STP plants that ensure that the sea can breathe healthy with treated sewerage water.

Smooth Ride To Thane

Commuters complained and grieved for decades but neither the MIDC nor Thane Municipal Corporation paid heed. Finally NMMC undertook the task of concretizing the Thane Belapur Road a project that won the commuters appreciation hands down a project that was executed during MLA Sandeep Naik’s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman.

Well Maintained City Roads

Traveling on city in-roads, especially during monsoons was a horrifying experience not any more. Roads within major nodes have been concretized another project undertaken during MLA Sandeep Naik¡¦s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman.

Quality Education In Municipal Scools

It was during MLA Sandeep Naik¡¦s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman that one of the biggest projects to revamp municipal schools was undertaken in which poor students of the city got all new municipal school buildings with facilities like computers rooms and audio visuals rooms ¡V something that even many private schools do not have.

NMMC A/C Bus Services

This one has won the hearts of commuters. We aren¡¦t saying this they are. TWO BYTES NOT SHOWN PREVIOUS NEWS Another project executed during MLA Sandeep Naik’s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman, which has made commuting in NMMT buses a pleasure from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai.

Scientific Waste Disposal at Turbhe

Finally, the KK dumping ground has been closed scientifically and scientific waste disposal has begun on the Turbhe landfill site. An environment friendly project undertaken and executed during MLA Sandeep Naik¡¦s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman.

Work Inside Condominiums

For decades tax paying citizens hailing for lower class of the Middle Income Group were pleading NMMC to undertaken sewerage and water pipelines replacement work within condominiums. And it was during MLA Sandeep Naik¡¦s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman that the work was undertaken and executed to the relief of citizens living inside CIDCO condominiums.

Equal Work Equal Wages for Contract Workers

During MLA Sandeep Naik¡¦s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman NMMC became the first municipal corporation to begin the system of giving equal wages for equal work to contract labours in NMMC.

NMMC HQ Project

The jinx that surrounded this project lost to the determination of MLA Sandeep Naik who ensured that the bid for constructing NMMC HQ was even re-tendered to begin work on the ambitious project.

Homes For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens in different sectors in different nodes have their own leisure homes where they can meet and talk and spend quality time.

Wellmaintained Gardens

Under the garden vision, the city has very well maintained garden with playthings and greenery.

Beautification Of Shivaji Chowk

Another project that got stuck up for a long time before Sandeep Naik took it seriously and finally citizens of Navi Mumbai have a beautiful spot in the heart of traffic movement and the city to just sit and enjoy at the all the beautified Shivaji Chowk at Vashi. Another project executed during MLA Sandeep Naik’s tenure as Standing Committee Chairman.

Sandeep Naik supplemented his priorities and action plans with direct feedback from citizens during his “Chairman at Your Doorsteps” drive. These were just glimpses the innovative Chairman of NMMC went beyond the realms of his office to involve in noteworthy social attempts like taking up the challenge of planting mangroves and trees to the tune of lakhs through his NGO ”Green Hope¡”, providing students of private and municipal schools a platform to appear for mock board examinations to overcome their fear now popularly known as Sarav Pariskha Abhyan and giving sport talent in traditional and popular sports a platform through “Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul Sports Festival” As Sandeep Naik silently kept on working as the most aggressive Chairman of Standing Committee inside NMMC and the most innovative youth leader that the city has even seen otherwise, citizens of Navi Mumbai watched. Seeing is Believing is Navi Mumbaikars saw MLA Sandeep Naik’s progressive work as Standing Committee Chairman and placed their belief in NCP for continuing this work. Something that the young MLA’s father and Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik admits.

He adds that these works will go a long way to make Navi Mumbai a city of progress, harmony and good facilities. Sandeep Naik’s track record of progressive work also created history when for the first time NMMC was awarded prestigious awards at the hands of the President Pratibha Patil and the central government.

It is the track record of public work executed by MLA Sandeep Naik as Standing Committee Chairman in NMMC that became NCP’s progress mantra and one of the major reasons that led to NCP’s victories in Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections. And it is this same list of progressive public work that has set the platform for NCP candidates to sail towards victory in NMMC Elections 2010.

Mla Sandeep Naik Concludes Budget Discussions In Nmmc Standing Committee

MLA Sandeep Naik concluded the deliberations on the proposed NMMC Budget 2010 – 2011 in the Standing Committee.

After three days of marathon discussions in NMMC Standing Committee, Standing Committee Chairman MLA Sandeep Naik proposed an additional revenue of Rs 232 crore over the budget proposed by the NMMC administration in NMMC budget 2010 – 2011. The Standing Committee has allocated additional funds for promoting tourism in the city along with including a green concept so that Navi Mumbai can also be rated as a healthy city. Like the Shivaji memorial in Vashi, the Standing Committee had also proposed to have memorials for martyrs as well as leaders of the past in prominent locations of the city. For tourism, MLA Sandeep Naik has asked the administration to make use of the city creeks for ganpati visarjans, jetty along with developing them into picnic spots.

Along with this, he added that a tower like the Eiffel tower in Paris should be constructed in the city, which will promote tourism as well as revenue for the corporation. For students and players of the city, cricket academy and town library has also been proposed.

The Standing Committee has proposed additional revenue of Rs 232 crore through cess, property tax, encroachments, advertisements and other avenues. A significant suggestion made was providing an alternate route for the traffic coming from Shirwane to Taloja which will save both fuel and time for the containers heading from MIDC.

In the last two budgets, MLA Sandeep Naik had made significant and innovative inclusions in the budget but they were never implemented by the NMMC administration. Since this is MLA Sandeep Naik's last tenure as Standing Committee Chief, there's little hope that the the administration will seriously incorporate the inclusions made by the Chairman. However if it does, then there is definitely some good news for tax paying citizens in Navi Mumbai in the proposed NMMC Budget 2010 - 2011.