Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul’s Ssc Preparatory Examinations Enters Another Successful Year

The Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul inaugurated its third SSC Board Preparatory Examination that have commenced in 23 centres in the city from December 26. The event is the brainchild of MLA Sandeep Naik and is conducetd every year to help students understand the procedure of appearing for board examinations and over coming to the pressure and fear that comes with it.

Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul is committed to empower all SSC students in the city, particularly those from the villages, slums and weaker sections, with greater expertise and experience to fare better in the SSC board examination. The inauguration of SSC preparatory Examination in its third year was held where the President of the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul MLA Sandeep Naik was present along with NMMC Education Committee member Anant Sutar, Standing Committee member Sudhakar Sonawane and corporator Vinaya Madhvi. MLA Sandeep Naik addressed the students present encouraging them to participate in SSC preparatory examinations. Speaking to the media, MLA Sandeep Naik expressed how the examination aimed at preparing the students for the final board exams and also to overcome the fear that students have about these examinations.

The preparatory examinations this year will have 80 schools of marathi medium and 20 schools of English medium participating with a total of 23 centres. Apart from the SSC preparatory exams, Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul also aims at introducing career guidance, ICSE and IES examinations.

Stressing that nowadays only passing was not the criteria, he said that even the quality of education needed to be improved and the preparatory examinations was a good opportunity to achieve the same. More than 8000 students from Marathi and English medium will appear for the preparatory exams and prizes will also be given. Unlike last year, when two laptops were given to the toppers of the examinations, this year the toppers would be awarded with four laptops.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mla Sandeep Naik Returns For Standing Committee Meet, Speaks To Nmtv News On His First Question As Mla In The Assembly Session

MLA Sandeep Naik was back in the city in the midst of the ongoing Nagpur session to chair the weekly Standing Committee meet. We caught up with the young MLA on the first question that he raised as a legislator in the Nagpur session on the issue of contaminated gutkha and adulterated tea powder.

MLA Sandeep Naik has been busy attending the assembly sessions in Nagpur and working on raising issues of Navi Mumbai at the state level. In the midst of his hectic schedule, the young MLA was back in the city to ensure that the Standing Committee meet of NMMC was held as per schedule. MLA Sandeep Naik’s enthusiasm to waste no time to begin public work as a legislator was evident as the NMMC placed its first proposal of utilizing MLA funds of Ganesh Naik to buy five ambulances for Navi Mumbai. According to the proposal, the NMMC will purchase 5 ambulances at a total cost of Rs. 43 lakhs 2 thousand 170 from the MLA funds of State Excise and Non Conventional Energy Minister Ganesh Naik. The proposal was welcomed by all the members of the Standing Committee. Committee member Sudhakar Sonawane praised the initiative of State Minister Ganesh Naik and said that they looked forward to more such initiatives for betterment of citizens’ facilities and development work from both the city MLAs Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik.

On the other hand, MLA Sandeep Naik informed that he too is awaiting allocation of MLA funds for new MLAs in the next budget of the state to begin work and instructed the administration to float a maintenance policy for ambulances and prepare a system to make the ambulances available for the needy people. Speaking to NMTV News, MLA Sandeep Naik shared an insight on the proposal and that members have instructed the administration to make a format and activate a toll free number where people can call for the ambulances. He further informed that as far as work from his funds are concerned; he too intends to do the required development work in his constituency with his MLA funds once they are allocated in the next budget of the state in March 2010.

MLA Sandeep Naik made his debut in the Nagpur session by taking up the issue of contaminated gutkha and adulterated tea powder. Speaking to NMTV News, MLA Sandeep Naik informed that the magnesium carbonite used to contaminate gutkha is injurious to health. He said that not only is it important to bust the racket at its root but it’s also important that the state perform a check up of citizens in the affected areas. MLA Sandeep Naik has earned made the office of the Chairman of the Standing Committee at NMMC all about the public. Evidently, citizens of Navi Mumbai have a lot of expectations from his new innings as a MLA and if his past record of public work is anything to go by, citizens of Navi Mumbai will definitely not be disappointed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mla Sandeep Naik Makes His Debut By Taking Up The Issue Of Gutkha In State Assembly

MLA Sandeep Naik made his debut at the winter session of the state assembly by taking up the issue of gutka in the state.

It maybe recalled that a raid was recently conducted by the Food and Drugs department at Vashi in which huge amount of gutkha, adulterated with magnesium carbonate along with adulterated tea was seized. Consuming Gutkha can be injurious to health as this may lead to dangerous disease like cancer, while tea is a common beverage of people. This issue was taken up by Airoli MLA Sandeep Naik in the recently held winter session of the state assembly. His concerns were taken cognizance by the State Minister for Food and Drug department Ramesh Bagwe. In the state assembly when this issue was taken up by MLA Sandeep Naik in the question hour session, Ramesh Bagwe assured that the racket of adulteration will be busted. He further informed that in the case, one has been arrested and action will be taken under the Food Adulteration Prohibition Act.

Mla Sandeep Naik Orders Administration To Make Playgrounds With Private Schools Available For Public Utility

In the weekly Standing Committee meeting, the subject of bettering conditions of all city playgrounds was taken up by members. Chairman of the committee MLA Sandeep Naik called for better planning and conduct of these sports.

During the weekly Standing Committee meet, member Sudhakar Sonawne in a motion of objection questioned why was NMMC schools sports being organized on playgrounds that were not developed and were not fit for students to play any sport. Sudhakar Sonawane was referring to the regional sports meet of NMMC schools that were organized in a private playground. He alleged that the playground in question has full of wild growth of shrubs at several places and there were no sheds for protection from the scorching sun leading to the conduct of sports meet in very inhuman condition. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik however pointed out that at times conducting sports meets on such undeveloped grounds underlines the need and draws attention of developing these grounds. He called for better planning and conduct of these sports.

Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata clarified that earlier the corporation had no sports officer. He added that he had initiated the appointment of a sports officer and all the grounds have been surveyed and a report submitted, according to which each ground will be taken up for development subject to availability of funds. The question is “why is NMMC organizing sports a private ground when NMMC has invested over Rss 3 Crores in the construction of its own stadium in CBD Belapur?” Shivram Patil drew attention to grabbing of playground land by educational institutes in the city. He called upon NMMC to take over these lands and develop the same to make it accessible to children of the city. MLA Sandeep Naik called upon the Commissioner to prepare a status report of playgrounds adjoining educational institutes and take over the same fro public utility. He said that in the last few years, there have been a rise in the number of sports tournaments being organized in the city, which is a good sign and added that there was a need to make someone accountable in this department.

Incidentally almost all lands adjoining private schools in the city are taken over by leaders and relatives of past and present legislators or ministers in the ruling Congress-NCP government, which would blunt the local municipal body’s intentions. Speaking to the media later, MLA Sandeep Naik reiterated his take on the subject.