Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Truly people’s victory

Success of belief in vision and reality of progress & development ignoring the divisive issues of caste creed, religion & region.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Proving All Critics Wrong – It’s Again Ganesh Naik The Badshah Of Navi Mumbai

Dynastic rule was made the single biggest allegation against the Naik family in these assembly elections. Every candidate made this an issue to attack Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik’s candidature appealing voters to vote against them. But the voters have given a fitting reply to these allegations said Ganesh Naik after the results were announced as he once again established that he is the badshah of Navi Mumbai.

With Dr. Sanjeev Naik having been given the parliamentary candidature from Thane Lok Sabha constituency, the allegations of dynastic rule by the Naik family had begun. And when Sandeep Naik’s candidature was announced from Airoli, the opposition made dynastic rule of the Naik family a poll issue. So much so that the Congress corporators united and resigned from the party naming the past district Chief Namdeo Bhagat as the Congress rebel candidate against Ganesh Naik in Belapur constituency and Vasant Mhatre as the Congress rebel candidate from Airoli constituency. But the rebel factor seems to have had no impact on the electoral results as NCP candidates won with a comfortable lead in both Airoli and Belapur constituency. When the media posed this question to Ganesh Naik, he said that he has never criticized the act of the Congress rebel even during the elections.

On the questions of allegations of dynastic rule, he said that the voters of Navi Mumbai have given a fitting reply to these allegations by voting for progress and development. Ganesh Naik also shared with the media his immediate priorities for his constituency. Ganesh Naik thanked voters for continuing to support progressive thoughts and stable leadership. There were so many allegations of dynastic rule, criticism and rebel factor against Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai during these elections but the results have established again that Ganesh Naik is indeed the badshah of Navi Mumbai politics and the citizens’ first choice for their leadership.

Airoli Mla Sandeep Naik Pays Gratitude For Voters Support And Faith

During the last public rally, Sandeep Naik had appealed to voters to show the same trust in him that the voters had shown in his father Ganesh Naik and brother MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik. And the statement seems to have appealed with the voters who have elected Sandeep Naik as their MLA from Airoli constituency.

This appeal of the young and dynamic NCP candidate from Airoli seems to have appealed to voters of Airoli constituency all the way to polling booths. Sandeep Naik stands for the third generation leaders of the Naik family. He is progressive, dynamic and provided good governance as Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC for almost three consecutive years. He represents that breed of young politicians who know what they are saying – the breed that is sensible, make intelligent talks and then walks their talks. As Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC, Sandeep Naik earned the reputation of taking courageous decisions. His work and popular drive of “Chairman at your Doorsteps” helped Sandeep Naik meet people across Navi Mumbai, from posh localities to the dusty roads of gaonthan and slum settlements around the city. Throughout he earnestly tried to solve civic problems. His work had impressed the party leadership of NCP so much that despite opposition, Sandeep Naik was given candidature from Airoli constituency.

And indeed Sandeep Naik lived upto the faith shown on him as he won the elections from Airoli constituency with a margin of 11957. Post his victory, Sandeep Naik said that his priority would be public work in Airoli. He also thanked voters for showing the same faith in him that they have shown in Ganesh Naik and MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik.

Ganesh Naik Wins From Belapur And Sandeep Naik From Airoli

NCP Congress Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik beat his nearest poll rival BJP-Shiv Sena’s Candidates with a margin of 12, 873 while Sandeep Naik has won from Airoli constituency with a margin of 11, 957.

Navi Mumbai does not want change – the voters have voted for continuity and progress – continuity of Ganesh Naik’s leadership in Navi Mumbai and his progressive thoughts. And this time voters have not just shown belief in Ganesh Naik’s leadership but have extended their faith to his son Sandeep Naik – the Congress-NCP candidate from Airoli constituency as well as both the father-son are the voters choice of MLA from Belapur and Airoli constituency. As the counting for the Belapur constituency began from 8 am at the counting center at Vashi, Ganesh Naik’s lead just kept increasing in every round. By the time the 22 rounds of counting ended, NCP-Congress candidate Ganesh Naik secured 59, 685 votes as against his nearest poll rival BJP-Shiv Sena candidate Suresh Haware’s 46812 votes, giving Ganesh Naik a victory with a margin of 12873 votes.

Speaking to the media post his victory, Ganesh Naik said that the voters of Navi Mumbai have proven that he is after all the people’s candidate. On the other hand all did not seem well in the Airoli constituency when the voting began.

Only when counting of votes began from Koperkhairane and reached to sectors of Vashi and Turbhe, did Sandeep Naik winner with a lead of 11957 votes. The total votes that Sandeep Naik garnered were 79075 as against the 67118 garnered by BJP-Shivsena Candidates. Post his victory, Sandeep Naik thanked voters who showed confidence in the party leadership of NCP.

The tradition of secularism & communal harmony is the hallmark of the Naik family & it is being followed generation to generation. After the Lok Sabha elections, the state assembly elections had become the biggest challenge for the first family of Navi Mumbai. And neither the change mantra, nor dynastic rule or Congress rebels could change the results that have proven that the support to the Naik family is as heady and strong even now as it has been for 4 decades. Indeed Navi Mumbai's love affair with the Naik family continues.

Father-son duo clean sweep in Navi Mumbai

IT WAS a clean sweep for the Nationalist Congress Party in Navi Mumbai with the father-son duo of Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik emerging victorious in Belapur and Airoli, the two Assembly constituencies in the satellite city.
While it was a smooth ride for three-term MLA and state excise, labour and environment minister Ganesh Naik against BJP's Suresh Haware, son Sandeep Naik faced nervous moments as Shiv Sena's Vijay Chougule steadily garnered more votes in the initial phase of the counting. Despite having lost to Sandeep's brother Sanjeev Naik in the Thane constituency in the recent Lok Sabha elections by over 40,000 votes, the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance had again fielded Airoli corporator Chougule to challenge the Naik supremacy.
In what seemed like a neck-to-neck fight in the first 15 rounds of counting, the battle tilted heavily in favour of NMMC standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik. In the remaining eight rounds towards the end, Chougule suffered serious setbacks in Bonkode, Kopar Khairne and large parts of Vashi.
Chougule, at one point, saw a lead of 2200 votes against Naik when votes from Airoli were being counted. In the end, however, out of the total of 1, 57,751 valid votes cast in the constituency, Naik got a lead of 11,957 votes. Naik got 79,075 votes while Chougule managed 67,118.
When asked the reason for not securing a good number of votes from Airoli, Sandeep said, "All party workers have worked equally hard in all places. It is just natural that some people have a stronghold in certain areas. But since a majority of voters have shown trust in me, I will try to win over the rest of them too," Sandeep said.
Chougule, a former right hand man of Ganesh Naik left the party to rejoin Shiv Sena in 2007.

Naiks sweep Navi Mumbai

( ) I have always been the people's candidate. Our victory proves that people identify with the ideals of Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi and... have lots of affection for us.
GANESH NAIK (60, NCP), five-time MLA, whose son has now won his first Assembly election

It's official. The Naiks rule Navi Mumbai.
Not only is 60-year-old Nationalist Congress Party leader Ganesh Naik back for a fifth term as MLA, this time he has son Sandeep (31) in tow.
Naik, a minister with three portfolios in the outgoing government, beat his nearest rival -- top builder but political novice Suresh Haware (53) of the BJP --by over 12,000 votes in Belapur.
Son Sandeep, a corporator since 2005, defeated Naik loyalist-turned-arch rival Vijay Chougule (47) in Airoli by 11,907 votes.
"I have always been the people's candidate and they have once again proved it," said Naik.
"Our victory proves that people identify with the ideals of Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi and, at the local level, they have lots of affection for us."
Added Sandeep: "This victory is a vote for progress, secularism and peace."
Thursday's twin victories, combined with the fact that elder son Sanjeev (37) -- a former Navi Mumbai mayor -won a Thane Parliamentary seat in the national election held earlier this year, will boost Naik's status further within the NCP and cement the region's status as a family bastion.
The father-son duo successfully battled anti-incumbency, the emergence of the MNS and rebels candidates from the NCP and alliance partner Congress -- local Congress president Namdeo Bhagat (46) jumped into the fray as an Independent after he lost his ticket in seatsharing negotiations. The Naiks' main poll plank was development, with father and son repeatedly citing the Morbe Dam as a major achievement and promising more along the same lines.
The purchase of Morbe has made the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation -- where the NCP is in power too -- the first in the country to own its own dam.
With the pipelines ready, Navi Mumbai is now all set to receive 24x7 water supply, beating even neighbouring megalopolis Mumbai in this respect.
Other much-touted achievements include the 14-km ThaneBelapur Road Project, the only highway in the state on which no toll is levied, and the introduction of Volvo and CNG buses for public transport.
The NMMC is also planning to earn carbon credit by reducing methane gas emissions and converting garbage into fuel and fertiliser.
As for the future, the Naiks have promised an independent power generation project to ensure 24-hour power supply to the city.
Other promises include more vertical growth, especially for dilapidated buildings and no increase in taxes.
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Navi Mumbai puts faith in Ganesh Naiks

Thane district Guardian Minister and Nationalist Congress Party's (NCP) candidate Ganesh Naik retained his Belapur seat registering 59,685 of the total 1,46,342 votes cast during October 13 assembly polls. Shiv Sena-BJP's joint candidate Suresh Haware, who was expected to give a tough fight to the NCP heavyweight, garnered 46,812 votes, while Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) candidate Rajendra Mahale and independent contestant Namdeo Rama Bhagat bagged 19,569 and 14,516 votes respectively.
Naik maintained lead over other candidates right from the first round of the counting, held at Vashi's Sacred Heart School on Thursday. The veteran leader registered 429 more votes than Haware who received 2,222 votes in the first round. The initial two rounds saw Naik and Haware competing closely, but from the fifth round, the gap between the votes bagged by the two widened with Naik getting 3327 votes and the builder-turned-politician scoring 1,429 votes at the end of the round. By seventh round, Naik's lead soared by 6,418 and after 14th round he was 9,619 votes ahead and continued the rally till the final 23rd round.
Though, Naik enjoys strong voters base in Belapur, entry of the renowned builder Haware into politics around six months ago had led to few uncertainties in the constituency as the BJP along with ally Shiv Sena, ensured the saffron alliance left no stone unturned to see Naik's defeat. Besides, the last minute rebel by Bhagat and other city Congress corporators triggered speculations whether Naik would be able to make it to the House for the fourth term.
Bhagat, was expected to eat into maximum of Naik's votes, but that could not be seen happening for the ex-Navi Mumbai Congress chief. On the other hand, MNS's Rajendra (Pappu) Mahale receiving votes close to 20,000, is considered as the crucial factor behind BJP-Sena losing the seat.
"The victory is due to the love and faith people of Navi Mumbai have in me. People have elected me because of the hard work put by me and our activists for the city through corporation and other channels," said an elated Ganesh Naik. When asked whether the lead he took was up to the expectations, he said, "For me winning the election is more important. If the lead is not as per the expectation, then it's because of the non co-operation by some of the city Congressmen. However, we are happy with whatever support we received from others in the Congress party."
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Three cheers to the first family of Ganesh Naik

After elder son Sanjeev Naik wins parliamentary polls, Ganesh Naik and younger son Sandeep make it to the Assembly

By clinching both the assembly seats from the city, Airoli and Belapur, the Naiks underlined their supremacy in Navi Mumbai politics on Thursday. Minister in the incumbent Ashok Chavan cabinet and sitting Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA, Ganesh Naik, retained his Belapur seat by overcoming tough challenges put up by Shiv Sena-BJP candidate Suresh Haware and other assembly aspirants, while his younger son Sandeep surpassed Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena chief Vijay Chauguley in Airoli. Ganesh Naik's elder son Sanjeev is already a MP from Thane.
"Ganesh Naik has put 40 years of his life for the wellbeing of Navi Mumbai. His two sons are also working for the development of the satellite city 24X7. During campaigning, the NCP was accused of indulging into dynastic politics as Sanjeev is already representing Thane Lok Sabha seat and Ganesh Naik and Sandeep were contesting from Belapur and Airoli respectively. But the charges levelled by our opponents did not fruition as seen from the two wins," said Deputy Mayor and NCP leader Shashikant Birajdar.
He further said, "The victories by Naiks was, in fact, of all those who believe in secular ideology since people speaking different languages and hailing from all the castes and religions elected him as their leader once again. Naiks are idols for all party activists working at the grassroots level."
"Our opponents in Airoli and Belapur tried to woo voters by using money and muscle power, but the work by Naiks and their popularity sailed through all odds," the Deputy Mayor accused. The NCP though is not pleased with the low margin with which Ganesh Naik bagged the seat considering the thumping victory he had registered in the 2004 legislative assembly polls.
Birajdar said, "Winning is important for us, but as a party unit, we are not pleased with the low margin. It is high time we take corrective measures as we have worked really hard in every nook of the city, but could garner low votes in both the seats. It definitely is not a matter of pride for us. We will work harder so that we don't land in trouble during the municipal elections to be held over next few months."
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Airoli Constituency Candidate Sandeep Naik ,Cast Their Vote

Congress – NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik cast his vote from the Airoli constituency with his father and mentor Ganesh Naik and the entire Naik family at R F Naik School at Koperkhairane.

If there is any candidate who seemed to have gone on a spree of seeking blessings of the God AlMighty before casting his vote and beginning the V-Day it was Sandeep Naik. The dynamic youth candidate from Airoli started his day with a series of visits to religious places, first from the home of a well wisher and then at Bhavkeshlwar Temple.

From Bhavkaleshwar Temple, Sandeep Naik headed to Shaneeswar Temple at Nerul. After Shaneeswar Temple, Sandeep Naik stopped at the Durgah at Bonkode village. And after seeking blessings, Sandeep Naik arrived at R F Naik where he cast his vote in the presence of his father Ganesh Naik, brother MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and other members of the Naik family. His brother MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik after the family caste their vote. Though this is Sandeep Naik’s first assembly elections, his seasoned style of being a youth politician has already earned him a lot of admiration of the party leadership and public. Beyond any doubt, Sandeep Naik belongs to that young brigade of politicians who hold a promising and progressive future for the state of Maharashtra.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sandeep Naik said, ”Residents of Navi Mumbai should vote for the candidate who is educated, dedicated and cultured.”

The day-long campaigning, rallies and public meetings have come to an end and the fate of those contesting from Belapur and Airoli assembly constituencies is now in the hands of over six lakh voters who will exercise their franchise on Tuesday.Apart from the above candidates, eight more candidates are in the fray. Since the number of candidates is more, the voter turnout will have a direct bearing on the final result. On the other hand, Airoli constituency the NCP-Congress alliance's candidate Sandeep Naik said, ”Residents of Navi Mumbai should vote for the candidate who is educated, dedicated and cultured.”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Matang Community Announces Support To Ncp-congress Alliance

Rashtriya Bhujan Paksh, Akhil Bhartiya Matang Samaj declared its support to NCP-Congress alliance candidates from Belapur and Airoli Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik.

Even after 61 years of Independence, the members of the Matang community have lived an underprivileged life. They have been struggling for equal status and rights in the society but the government have always eluded their aspirations. Perhaps seeing a ray of hope to in the form of NCP, the community has decided to pledge their support to the NCP-Congress alliance candidates from Belapur and Airoli Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik. The community’s National President Babasaheb Gople appealed to his community to vote for the NCP-Congress alliance.

In the Thane district, the Matang community constitutes 5 lakh of the population and if this number is converted into votes then the NCP candidates do hold an upper hand in the state assembly elections.
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Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik and Congress-NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik Pay Visit To Apmc Market At Vashi To Garner Votes

Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik and Congress-NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik met the Mathadi workers at the onion and potato market and grain market in APMC, Vashi.

The NCP continued its election campaign this time at APMC Vashi where Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik and Congress-NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik met the Mathadi workers in APMC. The rally began from the onion potato market where the candidates addressed and the crowd and got to know their issues.

The Mathadi workers and Mathadi leader Narendra Patil openly expressed their support towards the NCP candidates. From the onion potato market, the NCP candidates headed towards the grain market where they received a huge response of supporters.
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Safety, Security, Peace And Harmony To Airoli – The Crime Capital Of Navi Mumbai Is My Top Priority – Says Congress-ncp Airoli Candidate Sandeep Naik

Amidst thousands of party workers and supporters, former Dy. Chief Minister and NCP State Chief R R Patil arrived in Airoli to campaign for Congress NCP candidates from Airoli and Belapur Sandeep Naik and Ganesh Naik. Addressing such a huge rally in front of senior party leaders for the first time, Sandeep Naik stole the show as the dynamic youth candidate promised safety, security, peace and harmony by making the city terror free as his priority.

Addressing his first rally of this magnitude, Sandeep Naik was a picture of confidence and determination as he said the right things and made the right promises. The Congress-NCP candidate from Airoli spoke of making Navi Mumbai terror free, which attains significance since he is contesting from Airoli – a constituency that has the notorious identity of being called the crime capital of Navi Mumbai. Over the years, murders, thefts, gang shoot outs like incidents have made people of Airoli live in an insecure and fear – filled atmosphere. Senior journalist Vikas Mahadik says that it was after NMMC was established that the greed for political power brought out the worst crimes in the city.

In the past, citizens of Airoli have often voiced this fear. Hearing these residents of Airoli, it’s not difficult to assess what residents of Airoli expect from their candidate in these elections and perhaps that’s why Sandeep Naik promises safety, security, peace and harmony to Airoli since the official contest began post the nomination filing ceremony as well. Besides his promise of making Airoli terror-free, Sandeep Naik’s fiery speech during R R Patil’s visit also touched upon the achievements of the ruling NCP in NMMC – from Morbe Dam, to providing municipal services and amenities to slums, villages and city settlements, school vision and making 100 beds hospital in Nerul and Airoli. On a secular note, he spoke of how his father Ganesh Naik has always taught them to practice the religion of humanity.

On the other hand, Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik spoke of the lead the secular alliance got in Navi Mumbai during the parliamentary polls early this year and spoke of ensuring a 25, 000 plus victory in both Airoli and Belapur this time round.

The manifestoes of the Congress-NCP candidates from Navi Mumbai were also released on the occasion at the hands of R R Patil. Another significant highlight of the event was that scores of Shiv Sainiks and Manse party workers officially entered the NCP on the occasion. The prominent entrants were Shivram Patil and Anita Patil who have defected from the Shiv Sena to join the NCP, Mohan Madhvi and former corporator Nandu Chauhan.
State NCP Chief R R Patil said that the massive numbers present in the rally should replicate in the victory margin of the candidates.

R R Patil was all praises of both Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik. The leader spoke of the qualities of Sandeep Naik that makes him a promising contributor to the future of Maharashtra and its progress. He also praised the leadership of Ganesh Naik. He appealed to voters to vote for authorized candidates of all parties. R R Patil also stressed on the need of voters electing candidate with a good track record. Addressing the media after the event, R R Patil reiterated the reason why the party had given candidature to Sandeep Naik from Airoli.

And on the question of rebels, R R Patil hit out at them stating that people who do not stay loyal to their parties who give them an identity, name and fame can never be loyal with the public either. R R Patil voiced confidence that the secular alliance will come back to power in Maharashtra with a thumping majority. Sandeep Naik powerful speech, Ganesh Naik’s public appeal and R R Patil’s confidence in the party’s candidates has positively fine tuned the election fever and injected enthusiasm in NCP party workers ahead of elections.

Till date there has been no leader who has taken up the challenge of combating terror and crime that plagues the crime capital of Navi Mumbai – Airoli. But now voters are convinced that in Sandeep Naik there perhaps is the hope and surety of attaining safety, security, peace and harmony in Airoli.
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Sandeep Naik - fairest & cleanest record

Background and profile
• Well educated (Graduated) with course MBA
• Son of minister Ganesh Naik
• Corporator from ward 39
• Elected chairman of Standing committee for three years
Clean Background
Notable work done
Work done during tenure as Corporator
• Best budget for two consecutive years
• Transformed villages of satellite city
• Took futuristic decisions
• Underground wiring of electrical cable in villages condominium work done
• School infrastructure work for 51 schools.
• Setup of sailing club for youth
• Conducting Sports and cultural eventsat mega scale science past 15 years
Personal starengh
• Known for his planning , organizing and good communication skills.
• Good relations with all communitiesand sections of the society
• Known for his good character
• Tech- savvy
• Well travelled around the world
• Study visits abroad
Elective merit
• Proven work
• Well educated
• Young and dynamic
• Visionary and futuristic
• Support of all communities
• Party Ideology
Secular, work with all communities together
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Congress-ncp Airoli Candidate Sandeep Naik’s “chairman At Your Doorstep” Drive Makes Him A Popular Candidate Among Voters

NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik has a long list of public work that he executed as chief of the NMMC Standing Committee. As he runs for elections as the Congress-NCP candidate from Airoli, he shared with us some major projects of NMMC that give him a sense of satisfaction.

Sandeep Naik, as Chairman of the NMMC Standing Committee to his credit has various projects that he successfully executed in NMMC besides inculcating a culture in NMMC administration to bring about a change in municipal functionary. He directed the civic body to plan and execute major projects from Morbe Dam, to Thane Belapur Road to even beautification projects and more. Over two and half years of being the Chairman of NMMC Standing Committee, Sandeep Naik set an exemplary example of a relationship of mutual trust and respect between bureaucracy and the elected representatives. Quality and professionalism are his mantra for civic works. And this has earned his respect and admiration of not just the public but even the Congress (Show Sonia Gandhi) and NCP (Show Sharad Pawar) high commands who chose him as the secular candidate from Airoli constituency.
The Airoli candidate also shared with us his experience of working at grass roots through his drive that is popularly known as “Chairman at Your Doorsteps”. Beyond any doubt, Sandeep Naik’s work as Chairman of Standing Committee and specifically his successful attempt to reach out to voters through “Chairman at Your Doorsteps” drive has made him a popular candidate among voters in these elections.

Ncp Airoli Candidate Sandeep Naik Rallies At Vashi

Congress-NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik continued is election rally from Kopri village to sector 28, 29 and 14 of Vashi to meet the residents. With the elections just a few days away, Sandeep Naik was seen alone campaigning in these sectors. Present along with him was his uncle Dyaneshwar Naik. Sandeep Naik said that it was a great response that they received from supporters during the rally. He said that there agenda and mission was to convert Navi Mumbai into a world class city which they were confident of doing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thane Belapur Highway Project nearing completion

The Thane-Belapur highway is the only six lane concretised highway in the country on which toll is not levied. Yet, there has been no compromise on the standard and quality of construction of the highway The quality of construction of this highway was proved when despite the diversion of Mumbra highway traffic to this road, the additional load did not have any effect on it. To ensure long lasting quality of work, NMMC Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik himself inspected the road work regularly and issued orders accordingly to NMMC officials. This has resulted in top quality work on the road that is shining today It is Shri Ganesh Naik's huge contribution to the progress and development of Navi Mumbai that has earned him the sobriquet of the city's architect. The settlers in the region while driving on this road experience the fruits of such strong and inspiring leadership in the city Shri Ganesh Naik, by ensuring a toll free highway in his constituency has earned loads of appreciation from the residents of Navi Mumbai and Thane.
To prevent accidents at pedestrian crossings in Rabale, Ghansoli and Kopar Khairane and to ensure smooth flow of traffic, work on four flyovers in the reglon was taken up. That work is in its final stages now Twin directional street lights on the 14 km highway, dense greenery, flyovers and foot over bridges at crossings, the magnificent corporate buildings along the road, the competing Thane-Belapur local trains will all make a drive on the road seem as an exhilarating journey in a foreign locale.
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Kerala community gives their community support to congress-NCP candidates from Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik

NCP South Indian Cell held a meet at Kerala Bhavan, which was presided over by Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik and Congress-NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik. The Malayali community has always been with NCP because his mantra is Live and Let live, said Ganesh Naik.

The NCP South Indian Cell of Navi Mumbai held a meeting with the members of the Kerala community. The meet was presided over by Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik and Congress-NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik. During the meet, the members of the NCP South Indian Cell appealed to those present to come out on October 13 and caste their right to vote. With the secular stance that Ganesh Naik has always taken during his entire political life, he has become more of a savior for the each and every community. Speaking to the media, he stressed on this point and said that he always believed that Live and Let live.

President of South Indian Cell of Maharashtra Bhupesh Babu was also present during the event. Like any other community even for the malayali community, Ganesh Naik is a guardian and secular leader beyond compare. Members of the community expressed the same to us after their meeting with Ganesh Naik.

Sandeep Naik visits Dargahat Ghansoli

Congress-NCP alliance candidate from Airoli constituency Sandeep Naik was accompanied by his father and Thane guardian minister Ganesh Naik during the campaign rally at Ghansoli. Following his father’s footsteps, Sandeep Naik has also always had a secular stance without creating any differentiation between people of different caste or creed. He recently visited the durgah at Ghansoli where he was heartily welcomed by the people of Muslim community.

The programme was conducted by the minority cell, where the President of the cell Jabbar Khan was also present. During the rally Ganesh Naik made an appeal to the voters to caste their vote to the candidate.

Huge response and support from masses for the young and dynamic Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik

And on the other hand Ganesh Naik continued campaigning for his son Sandeep Naik – who is the candidate from Airoli constituency.

The young and dynamic Chairman of NMMC Standing Committee Sandeep Naik continues to draw tremendous response from voters in 150 Airoli Constituency. The Congress-NCP candidate is personally being introduced to the voters in the Airolii constituency by his father and sitting MLC Ganesh Naik who himself is the secular alliance candidate will be contesting for 151 Bealpur seat. While Ganesh Naik is ensuring to appeal and reach out to voters across Airoli constituency, Sandeep Naik as Standing Committee Chairman is already a popular and respected name in Airoli. His various visits to the city area, slums and villages across the city during Chairman at your Doorsteps drive has given him an edge on his understanding of public issues most of which he has solved successfully as well. Perhaps that's the reason why his candidature from Airoli is being welcomed with open arms by the seniors and youth alike.

Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik however continues to leave no stones unturned to ensure a smooth victory for Sandeep Naik. This time the media caught the father-son duo campaigning in wards 14, 15, 16 and 17 to meet the people. The eminent presenties here were VP of NCP Cell Chandu Patil, Corporator Anant Sutara and Corporator Jabbar Khan.

Sandeep Naik visits Dargahat Ghansoli

Congress-NCP alliance candidate from Airoli constituency Sandeep Naik was accompanied by his father and Thane guardian minister Ganesh Naik during the campaign rally at Ghansoli. Following his father’s footsteps, Sandeep Naik has also always had a secular stance without creating any differentiation between people of different caste or creed. He recently visited the durgah at Ghansoli where he was heartily welcomed by the people of Muslim community.

The programme was conducted by the minority cell, where the President of the cell Jabbar Khan was also present. During the rally Ganesh Naik made an appeal to the voters to caste their vote to the candidate.

Monday, October 5, 2009

'Sandeep Naik have worked at the grassroot level for city'

Sandeep Naik, the youngest contestant from the satellite city - and the son of sitting MLA, Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik - is a picture of confidence. It's nine in the morning; he has already been up for three hours, knocked off a series of meetings and is all set for another 16-hour work day on the campaign trail. Sandeep Naik takes time out for an exclusive interview .
Q. Older brother in Parliament, father in Assembly and you in the corporation - it seemed like the perfect arrangement for the Naik family. Then, why this move to contest the Assembly elections and become an MLA?
A. It is not my decision or the family's decision, but the insistence of the people that has lead me to contest the Assembly election. In fact, I was quite content working at the corporation level and given the aspirations of many candidates, the demands of other hopefuls, I was not even thinking about contesting. But, our party leaders - and all the people - thought that it was time for me to take up larger responsibilities, expand my reach and serve people on a bigger scale.
Having said that, Naiksaab's original Belapur Assembly constituency got split into five constituencies, post delimitation, with two of them falling under Navi Mumbai. Since he has done a lot of work in this constituency over the past 20 years, it makes sense for his party to get its own MLA elected in the newly carved constituency.
Q. But then, your candidature has given your opponents a chance to rake the issue of dynastic politics. Doesn't that affect you, and your chances?
A. Had I been a green horn making a backdoor entry, with no grassroot experience, there would be some substance to such talks. But I have cut my teeth right at the basic level, getting elected by the people as a corporator, understanding every problem being faced by them, solving every issue of gutter-water-meter (drainage, water supply and power). As the Standing Committee chairman, I have visited every nook and corner of the city and know about the issues that matter to the people. And today I am ready to take up their issues at the state level and work as an MLA for the betterment of Navi Mumbai.
Q. What about the allegations that the Naiks are buying out people?
A. (Laughs). We have not bought out people, but we have won them over. Navi Mumbai comprises of highly educated people, who understand everything and know what to expect from their elected representative. Now, tell me is it possible to buy out lakhs of intelligent, educated people spanning across two huge constituencies.
Q. You have been campaigning aggressively over the past few days. What is the response from the people?
A. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the warm welcome that I am getting everywhere.
People from every community - Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs - and every segment of the society, are laying the red carpet for us. In fact, my father accompanied me (to Airoli) only on the first day, to formally introduce me to his people as their own candidate and ever since, I have been campaigning on my own. All my working at the grassroot level and the support of our corporators in every part of the constituency is paying dividends.
Q. You already have a lot to your credit as the Standing Committee chairperson. Is that coming in handy while campaigning?
A. Of course, your work speaks for you. The systematic implementation of a huge water supply plan, the creation of a fantastic road network and good connectivity, comfortable intra-city and inter-city transportation - it's all there for people to see. Besides, we have done a lot of work at the civic level. For instance, in education, we have set up municipal schools that are at par with private schools. Towards recreation, we have created beautiful parks and gardens. For enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the city, we have created water bodies and executed systematic street designs across the nodes. It's all happening, even as we make Navi Mumbai truly an example of a great planned city.
Q. We have known you as the able back office man, putting everything in place when your brother (Sanjeev) was contesting the Lok Sabha polls? Who's manning the back office now?
A. We have huge support from our workers, corporators and other people. Every body is contributing whole-heartedly. The planning and the system is already in place; the people just have to work on the given plan, which they are doing.
Q. Your brother defeated Vijay Chauguley in the parliamentary polls. Are you aiming at his complete decimation with the Assembly win?
A. I am an educated person, doing good work for the people and seeking their votes on the strength of my work and my abilities. I don't even want to give a thought to my opponents; my focus is on the people.
Q. And what's your take on the rebellious Congressmen, who are contesting as Independent candidates?
A. They are fighting a lone - and a lost - battle. Not only their seniors at the state and national level are with us, but even their juniors at the grassroot level in Navi Mumbai are supporting us. So, we don't have to worry about independent individuals fighting for their own cause.
Q. What can the people of Airoli constituency expect if they make you the MLA?
A. Navi Mumbai will have the advantage of having its own people across all levels - right from the parliament to the assembly, right down to the corporation. Our own people in key positions will help us in getting faster clearance for proposals and faster execution of development work. There would be no deviation on account of politics, since we will all be on the same side, with the same goal and the same vision. Talking specifically about the Airoli constituency, I have a lot of micro plans. One of them is to revive the industries in the Thane-Belapur Industrial Area, which will create a lot of new jobs and give a boost to the local economy.
Q. During the Lok Sabha polls, the MNS factor proved crucial to NCP's win. This time, there is no MNS candidate in Airoli constituency. Will it pose a problem to your chances?
A. The voters of MNS - young, charged and conscious - are also our voters. So, this time round, those votes will come directly to us.
Q. And by what margin do you hope to win the elections?
A. Let the people of Airoli constituency decide that!
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