Sunday, August 30, 2009

Election code of conduct makes it a pre-poll extravaganza in NMMC

In order to ensure that no public work gets hampered after the code of conduct comes under effect, the NMMC Standing Committee approved proposals worth Rs. 15 Crores 50 lacs in back to back two meetings held this week. Take a look at where all your taxes are being spent with a report from the NMMC Standing Committee meet.

With the election code of conduct looming large, the ruling front of NMMC is in the rush to clear pending proposals. This was evident as back to back to Standing Committee meetings were held this week on two consecutive days. The Standing Committee cleared over 60 proposals on the agenda, sanctioning civic projects worth over Rs 15.5 Crore.
Besides this the Standing Committee approved 28 administrative proposals that show an estimated budget of Rs. 5 Crore 80 Lacs 13 Thousand 948 for various public work. After this approval, the administration will now call for tenders for these proposals. In totality over 60 proposals were approved to execute civic projects worth over Rs 15 Crore 49 lacs 76 thousand 905. After the two marathon meetings and evident rush to clear proposals of corporators before the election code of conduct, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik said that they just want to ensure that public work is not hampered during election period.

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