Sunday, October 24, 2010

One year of fulfilling promises

Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik complete a year of representing their respective constituencies
FE correspondent, Navi Mumbai
On Friday, October 20, Maharashtra minister Ganesh Naik have completed a year of representing their respective constituencies as Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA). The duo say that they have spent this period in fulfilling the promises they have made to their constituencies. This, they say is just the beginning.
Both the Naiks were elected with convincing margins in the elections in the newly formed constituencies following the delimitation process. While Ganesh Naik won the Belapur constituency, Sandeep Naik stormed home form Airoli constituency.
Ganesh Naik went on to once again become a cabinet minister in the State, assuming the responsibilities of Excise and Non-Conventional energy apart from becoming the Thane Guardian minister. Sandeep Naik, mean while has taken to the bigger political platform as fish does to water.
The two lament the fact that almost six months of this period has been lost to the model code of conduct due to elections in the district This prevented them from completing a lot of work. Despite this, there is a long list of accomplishments that the two have achieved in the short span.
Said Ganesh Naik, “This one year mark is significant only in terms of the goals that we have set for ourselves. I have committed to the people of Navi Mumbai that I will ensure all their issues are resolved in this tenure of ours.”
Added the senior the senior Naik, “I have already got going and am pleased that my work has been appreciated both by my senior leaders and the people of not just the city but the State as well’
Sid Sadeep Naik, “This has been a great learning and enriching experience of me. The interaction has opened up new avenues for me. It has helped me implement my ideas for the city even better.”
Informed the junior Naik, “I have already started fulfilling various promised that I had made to the people of the city. I have also ensured that I always remain in touch with the people through my planned and coordinated visits to various areas of the city to better understand issues and of course the video confining that has been initiated to reach out to those who cannot come to meet me.”
The Naiks are of course not content. “This is just the beginning. There is so much more to do to ensure that Navi Mumbai becomes the best city in the country and matches internationally renowned cities. We will not let the residents of the city down.” Said the young MLA.
Concluded Ganesh Naik, “We have always received a lot of love and affection form the people of Navi Mumbai. They have reposed their confidence in us always. This is our true strength and this is what keeps us going. The months ahead will witness a complete transformation of the city that has embarked on the path to progress. There is no looking back now.”

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