Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sandeep Naik on New Bombay Plus connect 1

Dear Reader,
As part of our ‘Reader connect’ initiative, we have started new column wherein you can Email us all your Grievances (related to civic issues) and we shall forward the same to the chairman of the standing committee of NMMC, Sandeep Naik. He will then personally lokk into the matter and shall take appropriate action. We shall publish your grievance and the action taken by him, ensuring full transparency every week.
Last week we got several mails from our readers and we forwarded some of them to him.
HERE is the response and action taken by him.

Q The condition of the roads in Kopar Khairane general including D-Mart circle and especially Sector-15, between the row houses starting form Baskin Robins to the vegetable market is very bad.
A: Part of the patch is not touched by the authorities for reasons best known to them. The entry itself has been partly blocked by iron pillars by the local shopkeepers and part of its is blocked by the motorcycles of the shopkeepers.
It is better not to talk about the road condition and a part has never been done up in past nine years.
I request the authorities to look into this matter.

Radha Krishnan
Kopar khairane

Reply by Sandeep Naik:
At Specific parts, the said road has been dug up for laying water pipelines and the patches have been covered up by WBM ( Water Bound Mecadam) repair work and the final asphalting work will be carried out after monsoon in the first week of October, 08. The iron angles have been removed and the road has been cleared for traffic.

Q. I stay in sector 29 and my complaint is regarding the condition of the roads going from the rickshaw stand opposite Nimit building towards Rajiv Gandhi Garden.

Reply by Sandeep Naik:
A: The condition of the road from Nimit rickshaw stand to Rajeev Gandhi Garden if of concern. The WBM work will be carried out by August 12, 08 as an immediate action. The complete resurfacing will be done after the monsoon season gets over completely.

Q. Being one of the thousands of chirstians who attend the Sunday service at the Sacred Heart Church at Sector 9 A, Vashi, I want to draw the attention of NMMC to the very disturbing condition of parking space opposite the church (Opposite ESIS Hospital). The condition of the patch of land is so bad causing tremendous strain to the motorists and to the vehicles, since during the rains, one cannot make out the depth of the puddles when filled with rain water. We shall be grateful if you can get the NMMC to attend the problem by doing up the patch of land which is used for parking Vehicles by those attending the church.

Prof (Mrs.) Matilda Lobo,

Reply by Sandeep Naik:
The WBM work would be carried out by August 14, 08 to solve the problem temporarily because of heavy rainfall. After monsoons the complete asphalting work will be done.

Q. I am a resident of Sector 18, kopar Khairane for the past 15 years. Unfortunately the condition of the roads in this roads in the area is deteriorating drastically and no repair work has taken palce for the last 2 years. During this period the raods were dug up innumerable times to facilitate laying of huge pipes/ pumps and then a shoddy job was done by just paving the raod with mud and stones. Similarly, the foothpath on the left hand side of sector 18 opposite Pujab Maharashtra Bank is in a very bad condition. I request your humble intervention in requesting the concerned authorities and ward officers to take congnisance of my complaint and do the necessary repair work of the foothpath and road with immediate effect.

Sujata Pathak
Kopar khairane

Reply By Sandeep Naik:
The Complete survey of the said road and foothpath has been done. The complete repair work will be commenced in the first week of October,08. The estimates for the repairs have been called for and within a month’s time, the approvals on the same will be taken to release the orders.

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