Monday, March 9, 2009

Sandeep Naik on New Bombay plus connect 5.

Dear Reader,
As part of our ‘Reader connect’ initiative, we have started new column wherein you can Email us all your Grievances (related to civic issues) and we shall forward the same to the chairman of the standing committee of NMMC, Sandeep Naik. He will then personally look into the matter and shall take appropriate action. We shall publish your grievance and the action taken by him, ensuring full transparency every week.
Last week we got several mails from our readers and we forwarded some of them to him.
HERE is the response and action taken by him.

Q.As you know, Ganesh Utsav is coming near, and most of the roads in Navi Mumbai has been dug up. There are too many potholes. In some areas of Navi Mumbai like Seawood Circle, Bhaurao Patil Chowk, CBD, Arenja Corner, Vashi, RF Naik chowk, and Teen Tanki, Kopar Khairane, all the roads have been dug for the work of gas lines, Water pipe lines, MTNL lines or some such reason. These roads were once repaired, but again because of heavy rains and continuous movements of vehicles on the road, there is a very shabby condition. We request you to kindly look into the matter and solve the problems as it will be most inconvenient to bring the big idols of “Lord Ganpati” through such dirty roads.

A. I am glad to inform you that even though the roads have been repaired once, and because of heavy rains they are damaged, the same roads have been repaired once again by doing the work even in night shifts. They have also been asphalted. In addition, I would also like to inform you that the roads in areas where Ganapti Idol immersion (Visarjan) is done have also been repaired. The ponds too have been cleaned and a Kalash (big drum for disposal) in which flowers, garlands and other materials are disposed is put up near every pond. Also please note that all safety measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incidents during Visarjan.

Q. The road leading from the Palm Beach road junction to Sector 18, Nerul, in front of Vazirani Sports Club right up to the end is in very bad state. Starting from the Junction where the road had recently been constructed all the way to the end of the road, it had been done up very nicely. However, the piping work that was done has completely spoiled the road. The condition of the road including the Junction speak volumes about the shabby way in which the piping contractor has done the repairs which were accepted by the NMMC engineers. The whole road has already sunk much below the adjacent road level with wide gaping holes at several places and is very dangerous for people even to take their evening walk. I request NMMC to get this repaired in a proper manner at the earliest so that it can be restored back to its earlier condition.
NK Agarwal, Nerul

The work of this road was executed by CIDCO Ltd, last year. Some part of this road has been damaged due to the digging work for laying the Morbe Pipeline and Reliance company cables. The work of the re-surfacing and filling potholes and asphalting of the road is being taken up immediately and will be completed in ten days.

Q. Kindly look into the condition of the main station road and footpaths of Kopar Khairane leading to Ghansoli. People are forced to walk in the middle of the road as the part of the road has been dug up for the gas line has not been repaired. Water collects on both sides of the road, leaving only about 2 ft centre portion to walk on. Drain covers have been removed posing a serious threat. Similarly roads from the station to internal garden plots are equally unusable. You will appreciate the problem if you walk through these places.

A.After the completion of the gas pipeline work from Kopar khairane to Ghansoli, the NMMC engineering department has completed the refilling of the dug trenches and relaid the roads. 30 Percent of the asphalting work too has been completed. The balance work will be completed by September end.
Wherever the drain covers are missing, new covers are being put in place and this work would be completed by the end of this month. I will personally follow through the completion of this Job.

Q.I am a resident of Sectoe 19, Nerul. Since last 8 years. NMMC is known for the mechanization of civic works in the city through specific departments, which enables residents to get their due rights.
The Ghanta Gadi domestic garbage disposal system is one good example of the same, which has ensured a dirt-free city. However, Where I stay, the Ghanta Gadi used to arrive at 10.00 am but now it comes at 7.00 am or earlier , resulting in many people not being able to dispose their garbage. The Sweeper of the building comes after 7.00 am and hence the garbage gets accumulated for two days. The two day old garbage emits a foul odour polluting the surroundings and rendering the NMMC Ghanta Gadi Service futile. Kindly change the time-table of picking up of the domestic garbage to avoid the above inconvenience.

A.I have enquired from the concerned department and have been informed that the garbage vans of the said area cover sector 5,13,17 and 19. The vehicle collecting your garbage leaves for Nerul From Belapur at 7.30 am and first goes to D Y Patil college and Hospital before coming to sector 19 after 8.40 am. The vehicle also collects the garbage brought by tata vehicles, which bring garbage from small roads in the surrounding areas. These vehicles also start work at 8.30 am. Althought the vehicle does not come at 10.00 am. It comes much later than 8.30 am. I request you to adjust to the timings which will not distrupt the total garbage pick-up from the region, and to accommodate to the said timing which will not distrupt the total garbage pick-up from the region, and to accommodate the said timing which is nearly 1 ½ hours after your inconvenient 7.00 am. I am sure you will appreciate the said compulsion to accommodate the needs of the whole city.

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