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Sandeep Naik on New Bombay plus connect 6.

Dear Reader,
As part of our ‘Reader connect’ initiative, we have started new column wherein you can Email us all your Grievances (related to civic issues) and we shall forward the same to the chairman of the standing committee of NMMC, Sandeep Naik. He will then personally look into the matter and shall take appropriate action. We shall publish your grievance and the action taken by him, ensuring full transparency every week.
Last week we got several mails from our readers and we forwarded some of them to him.
HERE is the response and action taken by him.

Dear Authority,

Q It’s good that now the residents of Navi Mumbai can bring their grievances regarding the civics issues in which they get the acquired information with resolution and also being published in New Bombay Plus.
I am resident of Vashi sector 9, Navi Mumbai, and writing the first issue that we face daily is regarding the water supply, as we are suppose to receive the supply of water 2 times in a day during morning and evening, but we have not received the supply of water completely even for one time in a week, even we do not get supply of water for months and we adjust to get the water from our neighbors who stay at ground floor as there is no pressure of water at the upper floors, as its being a prime location of Vashi and all the residents of sector 9 staying at (JN1, JN2 and JN3) are the major concerns for this issue and as we have read and heard that we are going to get the water for 24 hrs in future, but for now at least we can get adequate supply of water for our daily needs.


A: There was a problem at Morbe & Hetavane Dam due to heavy rains. And now I am informed that since last 8 days, supply of water to JN 1, 2 and 3 in sector 9, Vashi is adequate and the NMMC office has received no complaints about the same. By this time, this issue gets published; your problem would have been solved.
The work to enable 24 hours water supply is on, in full swing. As soon as work of the water pipeline from Kalamboli to Digha, the MBR on Parsik Hill and the installation of water meters in all buildings is completed, the 24 hours supply of water will commence.

Am Ms. Veena Thadani, staying at Sector 19 Kharghar and travel to Vashi for my office.this is a mail to let u know abt the problems faced by commuters of NMMT buses in Kharghar to Belapur and further down.
The problems faced are as follows:

1. Shortage of buses plying towards Taloja to Belapur stn and back.

2. The timings are inconvenient... the buses generally run late.

3. The crowd at Kharghar is increasing day by day... but the buses are not increasing to such an extent.

4. There are lot of problems faced by the commuters travelling towards Kharghar fm Belapur stn and depot. The buses are so full that it is really very difficult for commuters to get into the buses. This is a sincere request for you to take action and try to ply more buses for reducing the inconvenience caused to the commuters.

Hoping for a favourable reply fm you..

A: 31 NMMT buses make 257 trips through 6 routes in Kharghar area.
The regional transport authority for Mumbai metropolitan region vide its decision on July 8, 2008, has permitted the Kharghar to Dombivali and Belapur railway station to Taloja MIDC Hikal company routes.
Accordingly, 8 buses will make 36 trips on route No. 44 – Kharghar to Dombivali and 3 buses will make 24 trips on route No. 52- Belapur railway station to Taloja MIDC Hikal Company. Both those routes will soon be extended.
We have received sanction for 8 new routes in Kharghar, which will become operational after co-ordinating and arranging the requirement of additional buses and employees, which I am sure will ease the inconvenience of Kharghar residents a great deal.
The present buses and route in Kharghar are as follows :
48 trips by 6 buses on route No. 26 – Thane to Kharghar (Jalvayu)
38 trips by 6 buses on route No.29 – Thane to Kharghar (Jalvayu)
45 trips by 3 buses on route No.52- Belapur railway station to Taloja R.A.F.
42 trips by 3 buses pm route No. 53 – Belapur railway station to Sanjivani International School
32 trips by 3 buses on route No. 54 – Kharghar railway station to Owe gaon
52 trips by 10 buses on route No. 55 – Ghansoli to Kharghar (Jalvayu).
I acknowledge the need of more buses on more routes in the fast developing Kharghar node and assure you that the NMMT service will meet the increasing demand. It shall be my sincere endeavor to provide these at the earliest.


Dear Sir,
I would like to bring the following to the kind attention of Mr Sadeep Naik Chairman Standing committee.
Thanks to our Corporator Mrs Mahale, the dwarf wall put up by MSEDC blocking the access between Basera building and Big Splash (Bawa Tower) was removed facilitating free movement of pedestrians.
However pedestrians are made to walk over electric cable lying exposed in the path. The other access to Big Splash by the side of MSEDC's pillar boxes is full of exposed cables, water pipes and debris. It not only obstructs free access but also presents a neglected appearance. Though this is a minor issue, in the light of the desire of NMMC to make Navi Mumbai “Clean and Green City" I am bringing this to your attention.

M V Rao

A:The Sub-station between Basera and big splash building in sector 17, Vashi, belongs to MSEDC and not NMMC.
We had already intimated MSEDC about putting the cables, lying in the open, underground.
The responsibility of changing or laying cables underground lies with the consumers using the sub-station or the building in whose area it is erected.
Taking cognizance of your concern for a clean and green Navi Mumbai, to which we too are pledged to, I have asked the ward officer in Vashi to intimate the concerned people and do the needful at the earliest.

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