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Leadership moulding champions

Interested in sports since childhood, Sandeep Naik takes special interest in providing world-class sports facilities to nurture the future champions
It is said ,”champions are not made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision.’
Sport loving youth leader shri Sandeep Naik has moulded several sports champions in Navi Mumbai . as present of Navi mumbai krida Sankul , he provided a platform for grand competitions to nurture sports talent and display their talent on a global arena.
Shri Sandeep Naik is an ardent sports man, who exhibited kho-kho playing skills during his school days and cricket ing prowess on behalf of a club on foreign pitches. Popular youth leader, corporator, able chairman of NMMC standing Committee, environmentalist, educationist, agriculturist, progressive thinker, science and ultra-modern technology oriented sums up the multi –faceted personality of Shri Sandeep naik. Today, on his birthday, it is an occasion to recall the sports-related promotional activities of Shri Sandeep naik, a powerful striker of sixes and fours in politics.
Along with knowledge, foresight too is equally essential. Both these trigger welcome changes. Progress takes place. Navi Mumbai is savoring the fruits of many such foresighted decisions of guardian minister Shri Ganesh Naik .Promoting sporting events is one such decision. He encouraged sports persons by starting the MLA trophy Game in 1992 in Navi Mumbai. In course of time the baton was passed on from Shri Ganesh Naik to Shri Sandeep Naik.
India’s cricketing champion master blaster Schin Tendulkar mentions his key to success as ‘Dream big and commit your self completely to the fulfillment of the same.’Shri Sandeep Naik too believes in doing whatever he undertakes on a grand scale he thus changed the face of sports in the city. He transformed the tournament into a grand sporting festival. He gave it an Olympic-like feel and significance. the Navi Mumbai Festival organized from 28to 31 January, 2008 saw the conduct of several games like kho-kho, Kabbadi, Cricket, football, athletics, long jump, Relay Race, etc in different grounds in Navi Mumbai .Nearly 12000 students from 150 NMMC and private schools in the city competed in the festival game.
A leader is a dealer of hope. Imbibing hope Shri Sandeep Naik infused a rare self-confidence to achieve objects in sportspersons in the city. He provided a grand platform to the players in the form of Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul . The festival provided them the opportunity to hone their abilities and strengths and remove their abilities and strengths and remove their weakness. They got an opportunity to discover and study improvements while competing with best competitive players. He encouraged sportspersons by awarding grand cash prizes.
Sportspersons who excelled in the games will be shortlisted for specialized training by sports experts under the auspices of the Krida Sankul .Several promising sportspersons have emerged from the MLA trophy and the sports festival.
Be it Karuna sawant ex-student of R F Naik High School Bonkode and national player, or athletes shairan Nadar and Rahul Retherekar of kho-Kho champion Sachin Palkar of Radhikabai Megha school all have emerged as stars in these tournament
Body – builder of Sterling school , Nerul Hement Phalke, weight-lifter Vishal Dhanawade, athlete Vishaka rao, Kabbadi player, tushar mbokar, Nilesh Chikne , Kho-Kho Player Akash Khatade, Kiran Salunkhe a national level sportsman – all were lauded for sports for their spectular performances by the sports –enthusiasts witnessing the games. Several such examples could be cited.
Making plans is easy. Action is difficult. Translating specific thought into desired action is the most difficult. Shri sandeep naik is the constantly making determined efforts to ensure the success of Navi Mumbai sports person in the national and international sports arena , since the last several years. He expressed hope to relies his efforts for establishing a world class sports complex in the city.
He represented the state Kho-kho team in the 1992 national meet Hyderabad. While in junior college he earned laurels as an all –round cricketer at the enter –club tournament abroad.
Sportsmanship is rare where politics dominate. However Shri Sandeep Naik shows Sportship in politics too. This youthful leader is full of promises and prospects and the journey has just begun.
Your life’s real flight in yet to be,
The test of your thoughts is yet to be,
Now only a piece of land is measured,
The whole sky remains to be measured ahead.
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