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“Politics is about Doing Social work”

In a question and answer session with TOI , Sandeep Naik, chairman, standing Committee, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation say he wants to make Navi Mumbai truly a city of the 21st century
How would you describe you’re self?
I consider myself a Go-getter not for my sake, but for those around me and society. I keep exploring new and innovative ideas and do my best to implement them. I can never sit idle.
You have always said that your father, state minister Ganesh Naik , is your inspiration . What do you admire about him?
His dedicate to social work and constant Endeavour to do good for the society and help the people in need is what I have always admired . His secular credentials that has ensured peace in the region even during the worst testing times are very inspiring .I admire his stamina. He never seems tired, He has been my best teacher.
Your brother sanjeev naik too has been very successful .What do you think about it?
He has worked hard from the grassroots level and reached a great height today . yet he is humble and connected to the people. He knows the pulse of the people.
Did you always want to be in politics?
My father, brother and others in the family were activity into politics. For us politics is all about social work. The inclination to the social work was always there. I guess my entering the political arena was destined.
What was going through you mind when you actually took the plunge?
It was a huge responsibility that I was taking up. I knew I would lose all my privacy and be in limelight what was exciting through was that I could now take up more causes for the people. I had seen the great work of my father over the years and how he had made a difference to the lives of thousands of people. I too wanted to be of use to the society which has given us so much love and affection.
Did you find I difficult initially?
I would rather call it a learning experience. Once you have succeeded in overcoming a difficulty, there is nothing more to do. I will always consider myself a student of politics and try my best to negotiate every turn.
You have big plans for the city of navi Mumbai .
I want to make Navi Mumbai truly a 21st century city, not just in term of economic progress and infrastructural development but also ensuring fulfillment of all the needs of the residents. It will be a city that will take care not just of the present needs but also of the future .we have taken several steps in this regard like the future. We have taken several steps in this regard like the water supply project. There will be many more.
What are your dream projects for Navi Mumbai?
I want land marks in the city that will be both useful and admired by all. Every great city has such projects that make them distinctive. Skywalk, water tourism and amusement park are some of the ideas I have already start working on.
From the beginning you have stressed on the need for change in the working of the administration.
Yes, I have always stressed on the introduction of trans patency and accountability in the working of the corporation. There has been progress on this front.
There is scope for more. There is need for a proper system in the functioning of the administration with specified procedures, rules and regulations. I shall ensure that happens.
You have been taking a lot of interest in the environment protection through your NGO Green Hope. what are your plans?
Green Hope was established in October 2007 to deal with urban issues primary in Navi Mumbai and its surrounding areas. As per Indian traditions, green symbolizes hope and growth. It is associated with regeneration and re-birth, something very close to nature. Through Green Hope, we have been involved in various activities related to nature and environment. The object is to handover earth in a better shape to the next generation and prevents it from further global warming.
You are working in the education field as well through Navi Mumbai shikshan Sankul. The mock exam conducted by you was huge success.
The board examinations are very important mile stone in the lives of the students. However, the pressures involved many a times do not allow the student . however, the pressures involved many a times do not allow the student to per opportunity to the ability. Through exam I wanted to give an opportunity to the student to get over their initial fear. It also help those who could not afford tutorials. By ensuring a similar environment as the board exam, the students had a very clear idea of what to expect later. We also felicitated them to ensure their hard work did not go waste and to inspire them further.
Sport has received a lot of attention. How important do you think it is in the scheme of things?
Very important .sport is an integral part of ones overall personality development. Many times it is neglected in favors of academics. I believe both should be given equal importance. Sports make one mentally and physically stronger not just for academics but also to face life.
How has your stint as the chairman of standing committee of NMMC helped you evolve?
It has helped me understand civic issues from close quarters and also analyze them. Since I have to take decisions, it brought a lot of responsibility I have insured that no decisions are taken in haste. I have also made sure that all the members including those in the opposition get an opportunity to air their suggestions
For the first time, the audit backlog is being cleared by NMMC. How important is it?
There is a great need for it to ensure transparency in the working of the administration. Public money is involved here and the people should be assured that their money is not being wasted or misused that their money is not being west or misused. The audit will also help us understand the mistakes of the past so that amendments can be made for the future. It will help us frame better policies henceforth.
You have taken several important decisions for the city which have fructified. What would you consider your major achievement so far?
Several decisions, which include:
• Deaf and Dump school for the physically handicapped student at Rabale
• Eco –friendly artificial pond for Ganpati immersion at kopri village
• Common work common wages for 3200 contract workers
• Conversion of overhead electrical wiring into under ground wiring in 44 villages of the city
• Free crematorium services in the city
• Ensured the passage of a resolution to not increase water , property and Cess charges in the city as per the promise of honorable guardian minister Ganesh Naik who has assured it for the next 25 years
• Laying of Morbe dam water pipeline from Kalaboli to Dighe
• Concretization of 14 km Thane – Balapur road, which is considered one of the best in the country.
• Sanction of 52 crore children park project in Narul
• Modernization and renovation of municipal school buildings
• Water pipe line laying in condominiums thereby giving a new lease to 25,000 building in the city
• E- tendering facility to speed up work in NMMC
• Facility to resident to complaint at NMMC Citizen facility centre through internet, mobile and website.
• Work has stared on modern on a modern state –of –the art NMMC headquarter on Palm Beach road.
• Procurement of fertilizer and fuel from 550 metric ton of garbage that is generated every day in the city
• Youth is increasingly entering politics. Will it make a difference?
Yes definitely. The educated youth will bring in new innovative ideas. They are also not afraid to experiment and take bold decision .the youth today understands the importance of tradition and know how to use it best by adapting it to modern technology and times. They will also bring a breath of fresh air which is good for politics.
• You have had a dynamic start to you political career. How do you intend to keep up the momentum?
I will never stop. I take this as public life for the social good of the people and not merely politics. The fire within me will keep burning. It basically run sin the family. If you have in public life for years and yet seems so energetic and enthusiastic.
• There are a lot of expectations from you. You think you will succeed?
Success is a relative term. I am confident of always doing my best. The rest is for the people to decide.
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