Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sandeep Naik Vists Wards under Chairman at Your Door Drive

December 18, 2007,
With the aim of closely studying and intensifying action he plans to initiate to address civic woes, Standing Committee Chairman Sandip Naik’s “Chairman at Your Door” drive continued in the city.

Standing Committee Chairman Sandip Naik visited the wards of CBD, Belapur to study the civic issues of these areas. The drive popularly known as “Chairman at your door” intends to do just that – go door to door in each ward to witness, study and bring about effective and immediate solutions to civic issues. The chairman along with a team of NMMC officials walk down the entire wards to not miss anything.

His first visit was at corporator Dinanath Patil’s ward where the corporator briefed Sandeep Naik about the issues related with the Belapur pond and the request of developing a Samaaj Mandir in the area. His next stop was the ward of Jayajinath in which the Standing Committee Chairman have sent a notice to the contractor of any further delay in the mini theatre being constructed there. His last visit was to the ward of Sneha Palkar in which the residents as well as the corporators told him about the increasing rate of robbery in the node. The corporators also requested to improve the condition of the Adivasis living the ward. We spoke with Sandeep Naik about his visit to the wards who also added that his next visit in the Chairman At Your Door drive would be in the month of January.

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